Action Is Everything

I didn't do laundry after running nearly 10 miles on New Years Day. I had every intention of DOING my laundry after 10 miles of running. I mean, my clothes were in the washer, all I had to do is throw soap in and turn it on.

My laundry never got done.

I had to dig my cold weather running gear out of the washer this morning. I spent more time then I want to admit in smelly running clothes before venturing outside to run.

Gravity kept my butt on the couch, in smelly running clothes, before venturing outside.

I'm steps from the Boise Greenbelt. I have no excuse to make to get where I need to go to run. It's right in my backyard!

I was fed, watered, and pottied, but still I sat.

But then - BAM - shoes got put on and 4 miles got done. All in less time then I spent psyching my self to get out and do it.

My best is someone else's slow. My New Years Day 5K proved that.
From my IG
I have new PR's to make, weight to lose, strength to build, miles to run.

None of that will happen just TALKING/blogging/twittering about it. I have to DO.

Action is everything here.

Try and hold me back. F the bottom. I belong at the top. 


  1. Your best is awesome! At least you got out there. That's more then I did.

    1. It's still light out! You have time before the day is over!

  2. Oh gosh I'm guilty as charged of the sitting syndrome too. I vowed to NOT do that this year. You are fabulous at any pace. : )

    1. Thank you! I'm very proud of my pace, but man, there are some speedy people out there!


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