I Need Help From The Bloggerverse!

OK. I know a friend who has some flaxseed. I asked if I could use some, since I'm a cheapskate and knew they were not exactly barreling through it. I needed just 1/3 cup of the stuff.

I wanted to make this recipe I found in a recent issue of Runners World.

It's all healthy and shiz. I have all the ingredients except the flax! 


Said "friend" gave me 9 pounds of the stuff.

This times three

Said friend was not exactly barreling through it like I knew they weren't. 

So, my question to the bloggersphere is WTF do I do with all this ground flax? 

I don't want to throw it away - I REALLY hate waste. And I don't know anyone who will want it. I would offer a bloggie giveaway, but it expired in May, so I don't want someone getting all up in my shiz about that. It's all sealed and I'm not afraid of some harmless seeds. I think the chia seeds in my fridge are older then that...

I can say that I won't be adding it to any smoothies because 1. I don't have a blender and 2. I'm kinda burnt out on anything with yogurt. - long story.

Do you have any ideas - or actually want some of this stuff?


  1. Oh wow. Throw it in the freezer. Use it on salads, in yogurt, banana bread, everything.

    1. That's kinda what I am thinking. I just googled and look like some recipes like meatballs can use flax too.

  2. I have no freaking idea! Maybe search for recipes?

  3. I have that same article marked with some great intention to try making the Carrot-Date Cupcakes. You'll have to let us know how the Lemony Almond-Oat Cookies turned out.

    To your question, I've never personally used flaxseed, but I searched online for "can flaxseed replace flour" and a few articles popped up.

    One was an article of "4 Ways to Use Flax Seeds as a Food Substitute" at www.3fatchicks.com. It is short and provides a few ideas. http://www.3fatchicks.com/4-ways-to-use-flax-seeds-as-a-food-substitute/

    This short article also provides a few ideas. http://www.organicauthority.com/mojo-foods/3-ways-to-mix-flax-seeds-into-your-holiday-baking.html

    Still...3 lbs seems like a lot of flaxseed since most of these recipes/suggestions use less than a cup. I wonder if you put it in a bird feeder, what kind of birds will come visit :-)

  4. Good luck with all that extra flax;) I've never used it so I am not any help:/ If you get any good ideas, make sure to post them:)


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