Keeping On The Insipred Train

If you have not signed up for FitFluential yet, I would highly recommend that you do.

FitFluential Is Fitness Found

For a quick and easy sign up - Do so here.

I am saying this again only because of a new Fitfluential hashtag on Instagram. Which just came out in a perfect time to propel my workout and fitness motivation. You know, that whole swimsuit selfie thing. I want to be lighter, faster, and lose my winter weight gain.

If you follow my IG, I have been making a post about my workout everyday since the hashtag came out.  I don't want to give myself any more excuses to not workout. And the new hashtag is what I need.
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The #FFCHECKIN is keeping me motivated and accountable to my workouts everyday. I am pretty excited to make some fitness gains and being inspired by everyone's #FFCHECKIN on IG. So far, it is working and I have not given up.

Speaking of inspired - this made my weekend.

Katy is a writer for the Idaho Statesman. I expect an article to be written about how awesome and inspiring I am. ;-) Only because she has wrote articles about other local runners. AND all you can say that you knew me before I was famous.

I really love knowing that I inspire all of you. It helps push me to get out there and get that run done! 

Have you signed up for Fitfluential yet? Are you on Instagram?


  1. I am on instagram! Might have to try out fitfluential. =)


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