Worked at my Workout

Yesterday, I had some construction going on down the street from me. They screwed up and broke my water line. I didn't have water all day. I had to go to Starbucks to brush my teeth!

So, because of that, I wasn't gonna go run on the greenbelt in the freezing weather without a hot shower after. No F'n way! So I went to the gym and I forced the new boy to go workout with me.

He has to pose for every pic. Serious.
 I told everyone it was because he had to take pictures of me working out for my blog.

Which he did.

I threw the ball against the wall. My new favorite thing to do at the gym. 

I did some ropes. Which I can't do too late at night because it gets my heart rate up so high I can't sleep! This makes me sad since I workout at night, and I know that the ropes sure get a burn going! But, I like my sleep more.

I did some weights, which was going to be the point of another blog post I have wrote up, but I never got that far with pics.

Since I work here, and I told my coworker that the new boy was here to take pics of me. She said she was going to photobomb my pics. LOL ok.

She didn't photobomb my pics. She stole my phone to take a bazillion pics of her.

First it was of the new boy and her. 

Since I was behind I told her to get all of us in the pic.

Which she did. 

I'm laughing so hard I can't do my crunches! Those crunches were real work! My coworker was enjoying herself and I am loving it.

This isn't even half of the pics she took on my phone. 

She was taking pics of the regular members, too!

 I LOOOOVED having a photographer taking pics of me and having fun doing it too! I was able to get my phone back from her to take pics of what the new boy was actually doing with the weight machines. 

All of the machines, he was maxing out all of the weight on the machines.

That's 300 pounds right there at the abductor machine. I caught him doing that at the lat machine too.

There is no way that I can compete with that. I got more work to do!

How do you take pics of your workouts? Do you have a designated photographer? How was your last workout? When was your last FUN workout?


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