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I didn't watch one dang second of the Super Bowl on Sunday. I did check in on Twitter at half time for the score. I am very happy that Seattle won. But really, I didn't care. Since I didn't have a typical Super Bowl Sunday, I nommed on Super Bowl type foods on Saturday.

Pulled pork nachos (I don't know why I didn't add tomatoes but I did have salsa) and Taquitos and a Mike's Hard Margarita with the new boy.
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I kinda went over my calorie goal with all those carby corn things.

On Sunday, I wanted to balance it out with something healthy. I had some dried white beans in the pantry. I had a new issue of Bon Appetit magazine and a quick hummus recipe from the grocery store. All which needed white beans!

Kale and White Bean Soup
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I made this recipe here from the magazine. It's very filling. And it's been 3 nights of dinners. After day 2 the new boy said that he wanted meat. And he meant it! He was looking at the stove with his full bowl in his hand. He was very sad. Me being on Team Beef for my second year and all, meat free isn't for me.

So one bag of white beans made that soup and nearly 3 batches of hummus.
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Tahini is expensive.

I feel ok eating vegetarian every now and then. I need more veggies in my diet for sure! But this isn't something that I want to do every day. I do feel the need to eat meat.

How do you balance junk foods with healthy foods? Do you ever do meatless Monday or anything like that? Did you watch the Super Bowl?


  1. I am having a serious balance issues, but I have head that the meatless Monday works well for others. =)


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