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The Pumpkin King 5k

The post is sponsored by Level Up Virtual Runs and no other compensation is given.

I have been slacking on running lately most of this year, I am slowly (a little too slowly) getting back into it. I have gained weight and I have missed it. It seems my life is a non-stop whirlwind and its quite annoying.

I have a future race planned out later this month, and since it is Halloween time and I am excited for the holidays, I am going to jump in and participate in The Pumpkin King 5K Virtual Run.

The one thing that I like about virtual runs is that I can run / walk them anytime and anywhere. Plus, no matter where you live, you can even join me! We can earn the same bling!

The cost is only $25 - which is super reasonable. BUT if you use code PUMPKINKING you can get 10% off! That extra discount is basically a Starbucks Coffee. :-)

I will be running my Virtual Run this weekend - when do you plan on running yours? Are you going to join me in The Pumpkin King 5K?

Bloggie Mid-life Crisis

I need your advice before I decide to do anything drastic.

I want to change the blog.

For various reasons in a post I have in a draft ready to share with you, I want to be more then just a running blog.

If you follow my instagram, I post more then just running things.

Latest IG posts
It is about my daily life adventures - however unexciting they are. Things I like and do with a bit of running thrown in there.

I am changing, evolving. I want to call it a mid-life bloggie crisis.

But this IS part of my running journey. And the reason why I started blogging about running. To document the journey. 

So what I am asking all of you is -
do I start another blog that is more Cupcakes and Cashmere and leave this one just for running related things...
Or do I keep this one and update it as I am updating myself? 


  1. I personally would keep this one and let it update as you do. Mine is such a mod-podge of stuff now, but I love it!!

    1. Thank you! That's kinda what I wanted to hear. :-)


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