Fitness Friday

With the arrival of this glorious weather, (along with Robie coming up next week...) I have a little bit more motivation to get my butt moving.

With the knee brace thingie helping my running gumption, I have been trying to stretch out some each day. My hammys are SOOOO tight - they HURT to stretch. I'm taking it as a hint to stretch more often.

If you have signed up with FitFluential, you know they have partnered with Puma for an April Ab Challenge to plank everyday.
From here

I finally got around to starting this on the 6th where I did my first 4 planks and then did the other couple to catch up on the 7th.
From my IG earlier in the week

I have done a little extra time nearly each plank to make up for starting the challenge late.

I can't tell you the last time I did a plank, never mind a 3 minute plank, but a minute forearm plank has me shaking! I have been trying to mix it up by alternating hand to forearm or alternating side planks.

I definitely NEED this! My poor abs have been SOOOOO neglected the last couple of lazy months!

Are you doing your #FFAprilAbs planks?

What is the longest plank you can do? Once upon a time, I was awfully close to 5 minutes.


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