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Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

I shared a post a couple of weeks ago about the weight loss that I have had and the weight loss challenges that I was participating in. With it being the new year, I guess I should write a recap and update of the 2018-2019 year and share it with the bloggieverse.

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A post shared by runinboise (@runningandwineing) on Dec 17, 2018 at 7:22am PST
I did good on my weight loss challenges. I made my 20 pound goal for the Studio G weight loss challenge. Yay! I really enjoyed the classes, but the downside with nearly every class being so squat heavy, my knee did not like that and the last 2 weeks of classes, I was ready to be done with them. But my body liked the workouts and responded well.

My local weight loss challenge, I was really hoping to win, but I got 2nd place. I did not work out at all the weigh in week because my knee was so cranky and swollen, I could not walk. I needed 3 more pounds to lose to win Not a lot of weight so it was a close challenge! I was

Food Blogging Is Hard - Cucumber Watermelon Cocktail

I am attempting to come up with some new ideas to blog about. I want to share things that interest me because, well, I am a pretty open person and I am sure you all are interested in what interests me, right?

I read a lot of food blogs and always want to share my take of some that I try to things that I come up with on my own.
Adam autographed this for me at the beginning of the year. Totes recommend the book!
I attempted that first food blog today. Food blogging is hard.

1. Despite having a super nice DSLR camera now - thanks to the new boy - it's not as smart, or easy as my cell phone camera for Instagram pics!
2 attempts for the IG win compared to the bazillion DSLR shots

2. I need a better background set up.

3. I can't do pics in the evening and need the afternoon light. I got a ton of windows in my place and lighting is freaking perfect in the afternoon.

4. The new boys parentals are graphic designers. I have access to his laptop with all this crazy graphic altering nerd stuff. I might have to learn, at the very least, how to use Photoshop for more then cropping! 

5. My first attempt at this won't be the last! But I AM lazy deep down inside, so who really knows? ;-)

Here is my first official food blogging attempt!

After a few months of this whole single-thing, cooking and eating for one is SO hard. I have a hard time consuming everything that I purchase.

When it comes to fruit and veggies, I really don't want to eat a bushels of them before they go bad. But some always wind up getting tossed before I can eat them. This started over a year ago, but my first instinct is to ask - what would it taste like with vodka?

Or in today's case - gin.

Cucumber Watermelon Cocktail

I have an cucumber that needed to be consumed ASAP. I chopped a chunk of it and threw it into my blender.

See, proof food blogging is hard. My camera shadow showed up thanks to my flash!

I was going to throw in some strawberries, but the were too far past gone.

Sad. In the trash they went.

But I have a lot of watermelon and it's perfect with the cucumber!

Add some lime juice - I'm stuck using the bottled stuff today. Limes are almost a Dollar apiece right now! I need my own lemon and lime trees. I go through them SO fast!

Blend it up, yo.

Use a strainer and strain. Or not. Whateves.

Pour into a glass filled with ice and enjoy as is, with club soda, or as I am doing - gin.

Don't ask how many times I attempted that above picture.

I feel all healthy now drinking my fruits and veggies.

Seriously, how do you shop, eat, and cook at home for 1-2 people without it all going bad?! OR being stuck with a ton of freezer leftovers?


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