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Hatch Chililes at Albertsons on Broadway!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Albertsons on Broadway. The opinions and text are all mine.

This post is sponsored by Albertsons on Broadway and no other compensation has been given.
I hope you have had a chance to visit the newly remodeled Albertsons on Broadway location in Boise. I had to stop by there because its not like any other Albertsons I have been into! It is really impressive! This weekend I made my first visit to this store, and I am sure to visit often to get a few things that I can't get anywhere else.

Albertsons on Broadway is a new type of Albertsons store. One that curates an experience within each area of the store. Here's a taste of what you will discover at our new Albertsons on Broadway: The best from our own backyard. With deep roots in Idaho, we aim to give center stage to our local farmers, producers and makers, highlighted throughout the store. Vast international section. Hard-to-find items from around the world that elevate…

Food Blogging Is Hard - Cucumber Watermelon Cocktail

I am attempting to come up with some new ideas to blog about. I want to share things that interest me because, well, I am a pretty open person and I am sure you all are interested in what interests me, right?

I read a lot of food blogs and always want to share my take of some that I try to things that I come up with on my own.
Adam autographed this for me at the beginning of the year. Totes recommend the book!
I attempted that first food blog today. Food blogging is hard.

1. Despite having a super nice DSLR camera now - thanks to the new boy - it's not as smart, or easy as my cell phone camera for Instagram pics!
2 attempts for the IG win compared to the bazillion DSLR shots

2. I need a better background set up.

3. I can't do pics in the evening and need the afternoon light. I got a ton of windows in my place and lighting is freaking perfect in the afternoon.

4. The new boys parentals are graphic designers. I have access to his laptop with all this crazy graphic altering nerd stuff. I might have to learn, at the very least, how to use Photoshop for more then cropping! 

5. My first attempt at this won't be the last! But I AM lazy deep down inside, so who really knows? ;-)

Here is my first official food blogging attempt!

After a few months of this whole single-thing, cooking and eating for one is SO hard. I have a hard time consuming everything that I purchase.

When it comes to fruit and veggies, I really don't want to eat a bushels of them before they go bad. But some always wind up getting tossed before I can eat them. This started over a year ago, but my first instinct is to ask - what would it taste like with vodka?

Or in today's case - gin.

Cucumber Watermelon Cocktail

I have an cucumber that needed to be consumed ASAP. I chopped a chunk of it and threw it into my blender.

See, proof food blogging is hard. My camera shadow showed up thanks to my flash!

I was going to throw in some strawberries, but the were too far past gone.

Sad. In the trash they went.

But I have a lot of watermelon and it's perfect with the cucumber!

Add some lime juice - I'm stuck using the bottled stuff today. Limes are almost a Dollar apiece right now! I need my own lemon and lime trees. I go through them SO fast!

Blend it up, yo.

Use a strainer and strain. Or not. Whateves.

Pour into a glass filled with ice and enjoy as is, with club soda, or as I am doing - gin.

Don't ask how many times I attempted that above picture.

I feel all healthy now drinking my fruits and veggies.

Seriously, how do you shop, eat, and cook at home for 1-2 people without it all going bad?! OR being stuck with a ton of freezer leftovers?


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