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Aging and My Mid-Life Crisis

I can't believe that I am now 40. It sounds SO OLD. But I don't feel like I should be THAT old. Its depressing. I think I'm having a harder time accepting this then I did for when I turned 30.

It's scary. To be frank and a little macabre, you have to start planning for end of life stuff. There is a lot I have yet to do with my life. But to be planning old people stuff, its scary.

How much longer am I going to live? How can I do this the healthiest that I possibly can? Should I buy life insurance for my other half and I? How can I increase our retirement savings. (Going on a cruise a couple times a year is not helping with that savings.) At what age should I sign up for AARP?

I had one friend die of Pancreatic cancer this past year. It hit him hard and sadly fast. I had another friend in November pass due to complications with pneumonia and his diabetes. I seen him in the store a week or two before he passed and he was out of it. I googled both their names when I did n…

Workout Wednesday

I have been slacking on my workouts for the last .... month?! Yikes.

Robie Creek is NEXT WEEKEND.  And my last long run of 10 miles was...


March 1st...

I DNS'ed my St. Patricks Day race because I had a fever and strep. To me, fever = contagious and I didn't want to make it worse. And my knee has been bothering me so I thought I might as well rest.

For a month.

my daily mile - sigh

I attempted a few runs here and there with some KT tape on the knee, but the tape started irritating my skin. So I tried a run without. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Before the knee didn't really hurt but it wasn't "right." Now, I can feel some annoyance when I run without tape and a brace. Although not when I walk and only when I am really cranking on my pedals uphills on the bike. Oh, it is a noisy beast when I squat. So I assume those are not good to do. Sidenote, I think my knee is unhappy from doing some hammy work on the machine. I think I wasn't sitting on the machine right and it wasn't just from one occurrence, so I am not quite sure.

BUT I got a little brace thingie for my knee because I AM doing Robie Creek whether I have to WALK the darn thing.

MCDAVID Level 2 Knee Support / double wrap
not my knee from here
My knee has no pain but my leg feels heavy with it on. I have a doctors appointment 2 days before Robie so let's say that this running season isn't working out to how well I had it the last couple of years.

Oh, and my strep didn't really get "cured" in March and I am starting this April with it moved into my tonsils. Seriously, I feel like the April Fools here. Thankfully modern medicine is working it's magic this time around.

BUT the knee thing brace and all - and this super awesome weather - girlfriend here gots her mojo back.

Yay for spring on the greenbelt - my fave time!

I spent all yesterday running AND biking all over town. You don't want to know where and how long I biked because it was cray. (it was HOURS FYI) I may have got a sunburn. hello premature aging!

Halla- Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day - I nommed that.

From my IG
I earned that shizit.

Did you get your free cone yesterday?
Any knee advice other the rest, ice and elevation, which didn't work.
Are you running Robie? Will you come out at cheer for me?


  1. I hope your knee behaves and Robie goes well for you! I did not get a free B&J cone. One look at my race pics from last weekend and the last thing I need is a cone. Sigh.

    1. I dont even want to know what my race pics are gonna look like next weekend.... but hopefully my long bike ride counteracted the cone. :-)


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