A Late Birthday Present

I didn't get much sleep Saturday night. I went to bed with a crazy bad sore throat and it kept me up all night. I just got over strep that moved into my tonsils in March. Now I'm getting hit with it again.

Of course it's during my race week. It's not like I am freaking out or anything! This is one late birthday present I CAN do without, thank you very much.

I made the new boy take me to Trader Joe's to pick up this lemonade today.

Obsessed with this stuff
I think it did the trick last month when I was sick and I am working on making the bottle disappear. Very quickly. I do love it very much.

I think I've gotten sick because I have upped my workload of massages last week, didn't get as much sleep as I needed, and that birthday bike ride drained me more then expected. I also donated plasma for the first time. Mostly I am blaming it on giving up caffeine and going decaf this week.

I Tolerate You
Note to self - Never give up caffeine right when you start PMS'ing. Let's say its a miracle the new boy is still around. :-)

It took a couple of days to get the brain fog lifted. Caffeine expands your blood vessels, and I FELT the lack of brain blood last week. I feel less zombie-like a week later but I am ready to get back to Real coffee. I can taste the difference in roasts and I enjoy my coffee. Even though Startbucks is the only decaf I can stand, this coffee snob can taste that it isn't as smoky and more watery and flavorless then normal coffee.

Saturday, one of my friends hosted a dB Drag and he did this one in Garden City.

And the aftermath.

Go big or go home I guess.

How was your weekend? Caffeine - favorite way to consume it?


  1. Ugh, sorry about the sore throat. Hope that lemonade does the trick.


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