Itching To Race

I hate racing. I love it but every single time that I race, I come home and want to register for another race. It does get expensive after that 3rd registration in a weekend...

I did that after Robie Creek. I come home all amped on race energy and I registered for the Race for Hearts. And after the Idaho Potato Marathon I registered for TWO races.

First one is the XC12K. I did this one the last couple years and registration finally opened up. I don't know how I will feel about doing this race when it happens. I am planning on a mondo vacay with the boy ALL OF JULY and I don't know how much running I will be doing ALL OF JULY. So, I think come August 2nd, this race is going to HURT.

Ugh. That's the elevation shadow at the bottom.

The second race that I signed up for is the Spirit of the Magic Valley 5k. I have never done a race in Twin Falls. I have been itching to do one there for a while. I asked the new boy if he wanted to go and he gave the green light. Whoot!

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So far, only 22 people have signed up for the 5k. I love smaller races! My chances are even better for placing in my AG. :-)

Do you have any advice for NOT signing up for races? I've gotten my running groove back and want to run a race every weekend now!


  1. I say if your running groove is back, why not run all the races? Lots of help I am! Ha!

    1. lol I know! It is getting expensive to run them all though! :-)


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