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Who doesn't love new running things?! I finally got around to getting TWO new sports bras that I think that I like. I needed them. I was on my last good bra!

I got a Moving Comfort Fiona. I bought a Vixen last year and never really liked it. I never liked how unflattering the Juno and Jubralee looked on me. I didn't bounce, I just never liked how they looked on me. Which is silly. No one is looking at it when I am running.

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 But I think that I am happy with the Fiona. So far after a couple short runs with it, no complaints!

I also picked up a New Balance Shockingly Unshocking. I love their bra names.
The Shockingly Unshocking, Blue Infinity
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It is almost exactly like the Fiona, right down to the inside band. Crazy. I got it on a crazy clearance price at Sports Authority. It is a band size smaller then what I would have even looked at but it was $15 off then the price I thought it was marked at.

I also got a pair of Fit Plus Wear Sound Solution Capris to try out. They gave me a pair to try out and tell you all about them, so disclaimer - this section is sponsored by them.

I usually don't wear plain capris because I like the camouflage factor of wearing a skirt/skort. Skirts hide my tummy roll a bit better and some of the embarrassing sweat marks that happen in certain places.

And when I run, I usually just carry my phone in my hand because it hasn't been hot enough to wear a hydration pack, and I have not been putting in the miles needed for one. Plus my newer phone is a bit too big for the waist belt I had used the last couple of summers. But my phone is always covered in salt and sunscreen afterwards.

The capri pic from their website
But these capris are changing my mind on how I feel. They have a LARGE hidden inside hip pocket to safely and comfortably carry your phone without needed a pack or belt. It's a sweatproof pocket.

Phones are heavy and sometimes even my house keys make my skirts hang off my waist low. These capris don't do that. They stay put. I ran with my keys and cell in the pocket with no problem!

And the compression factor is nice. Since I am an Apple shape, some compression shorts give me way more muffin top then I would like. These capris compress pretty comfortably all around, and not restrict to the point where I got the muffin top thing going on and chafe and can't make a full breath. These hide my tummy but they feel like regular workout capris. These are now my new favorite leggings! I feel that these are true to size. I picked a Large without measuring myself and they fit nicely.

If you are interested in checking out the Sound Solution Capris, plus the other items available, you can do so where at their website.

Use code 2HE90CGR5Y4U for 20% off any of the Fit Plus Wear clothes.

You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Favorite sports bra? How do you carry your phone and keys while running?


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