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This post is sponsored by Vega Sport who sent me a box for review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are very much my own.

I don't know if you have used Vega Sport products. I have used their products in my fitness nutrition arsenal for a few years. I have used the proteins powders for smoothies, the pre-workout energizer, and the Hydrator. I do like that they are on the veggie-side of things.

I wanted to give the Energy Bars a try just because of the flavor - Chocolate Coconut Almond. Girlfriend loves her chocolate.

Thursday afternoon, I forced the boy to go on a long bike ride with me to Lucky Peak and back. My knee was bothering me and I didn't want to run. I packed up bars for both of us to eat. I had to have an excuse to ride long and I don't feel 3-4 miles each day running is enough of a workout to use these. Usually I bonk hard on 30 mile rides.

We made it from my house to Lucky Peak - just over 14 miles away. I didn't eat much for brekky and I was ready to nom the heck out of this bar.

I am not a fan of using other brands "energy bars." They are like not very satisfying and I don't like eating just straight sugar - as some of them are. If I were to choose some of those other products, I would rather have a cupcake or some other sugary treat instead.

I looked at the ingredient label of these Vega Sport ones. They are made with real plant based ingredients. The first ingredient is Organic Dates.

I took a bite. Oh wow. These are crazy good! And 230 calories didn't feel like huge calorie gut bomb either.

You can see the coconut and almonds and the chocolate there. I felt like I was eating real food and not frankenfood.
I didn't even bonk on the very windy 14.some miles back home like I usually do. I felt good. 

I say, thumbs up on the Vega Sport. I think out of all the products I have tried, this has to be my favorite so far. I would say that even if this wasn't a sponsored post. The bars taste crazy good and I may need the new boy to hide the box from me so I don't snack on these for a chocolate fix.

You can connect with Vega on their website, facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and G+.

Any Vega Sport fans here?
What do you use to not bonk?


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