I've Been Away - Far Away

Hi everyone! After over a month away from running, blogging, and Boise, I am back.

I ran off to the wilds of Alaska. I had NO cell phone service and very limited wifi. Somehow I survived without either.

Yes this is the prices of the grocery store in the town I was staying at. There were no roads to this town. The only way to get there was by an hour plane ride from Anchorage.

Bristol Bay with the Pacific (and Russia) out in the distance
There were times where I did not want to come back to Boise. The weather up there was perfect. The lows were in the 40's and the highs were in the 60's. Boise the temps are in the typical summer range of 90-100. ugh. Take me back to my Alaska summer!

My last Alaskan sunrise
I had 20 hours of sleep last night to make up for over a month of 5-6 hour nights of sleep. I am almost ready to venture out to the high school track across the street from where I am living. Tomorrow. I promise. I'm a little jet lagged, too.

And I have a new running partner for the time being. :-) You will love him.

Catch me up on what you have been up to? Please share! I missed all of you!


  1. Welcome back! What a fabulous adventure! I was in Alaska almost exactly a year ago. Would love to go back.

    1. Thank you! I am almost ready for another Alaskan adventure. Or at least the cooler weather!

  2. Welcome back! I was worried, so I did some stocking. Nothing creepy. I just clicked on your instagram link and I could see that you were posting pics of your travels.

    My wife and I did Seattle RnR Half, then life got in the way and I think I ran a total of 13 miles over the next 5 weeks (3 runs). I got out of the rut this week. I've done a couple of 3 milers already, doing Hippie Run tomorrow night, then doing Run For Your Life Saturday morning. That'll be more miles in 5 days then I've done in the past 5 weeks.

    1. I was up in seattle during the RnR weekend but didn't join in. If I known you were up there too we could have met up!


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