Getting Paid To Run

As most runners out there, I want to get paid or make more money while doing what I love. I don't see me really getting to the Olympic level or competing with the Kenyans any time soon....

So, thanks to the BF, we he came up with a plan to make my training runs an income producing opportunity.

We pick up cans and scrap and whatever else we find while out and about.

We have always recycled cans we found and used. He got me to recycle everything to the point where it took MONTHS to fill up a garbage can on trash day. 10 years ago or so when we first met, we used our recycling money as our movie date night money. Now, we are calling it a "Sponsorship."

While in Boise, we varied on how many cans and scrap bits we could pick up. Sometimes too much to carry and sometimes not a whole lot. Trash and recycling services are a little more accepted then in the small town hick town we currently are in. There are no places to recycle conveniently and littering is more then OK for people to do.

People can litter all they want. I get to profit off it.

This is what we picked up the other day. It was so much that the BFs bags were full and I was carrying cans in my hands and we had to leave some cans on the ground.

After not even a week of doing this, our garbage can for cans is full.

The find of the day above was a full, unopened beer.

He dared me to drink it. After I made him wash it off and throw it in the fridge, it tasted fine. I'm not a huge beer person though.

Today, the BF found an SK wrench. As a male, he loves tools and was pretty stoked about today's find.

I think I am going to have a contest later about guessing the Find of the Day.

I don't do this every run since there are no sidewalks in Small Town, Idaho.

I am a little too close to some traffic going by then I would like. I am going to have to get a Recreation Center membership for this winter - if we don't move back to Boise before then - because of the no sidewalk issue.

Do you recycle? Help Mother Earth? Did you see on Twitter where I made a compostable toilet? I've been too scared / lazy to walk out to my outhouse to use it. But my crappy yard needs my crap. Literally. What's the easiest way to get sponsored? A real full on sponsorship? Any ideas other then win all the races?


  1. It sickens me how much people litter. Good on you for picking it up. You deserve the profit. We definitely recycle. Did you try doing the Chocolate Milk Refuel thing?


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