Race For The Steaks

The Idaho Beef Council is sponsoring a pro-beef race in Boise October 11, 2014. The race registration just opened today.

Race for the Steaks 2014
mmm, beef

Not many details are up yet other then it's an evening start - 4PM, it should be a Greenbelt course, and that there is a 5K and 15K to choose from. Registration is currently $35 until Sept. 7th.

I plan on doing the 5K. I am very excited about this race!

Here is some info on the benefits of beef protein below!




  1. Added to the calendar. I may do the 15k. Training for RnR Denver Half on October 19, so I'll need to get a 10-11 miler in that weekend anyway and there is no Boise State football game that weekend.


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