Stuck In A Route Rut

I have been getting hella bored running around the school track that is across the street from my house.

And the sidewalks in this small town are very limited. Limited to what roads they are on and limited in size and accessability.

If I am not on the limited sidewalk, I am on a country farm road where the speed limit is 50MPH! In town it's just 25 - and EVERYONE obeys it.

No sidewalks out here
I am just in a running route rut. I am SO bored with my running locations. And this whole town is runnable in a day. I don't want to drive to 10 miles to the town for some short trails in the canyon. I feel driving counteracts the whole running thing and I don't think I quite am ready to run there and back. I guess I have just gotten spoiled with having the Boise Greenbelt out my door for so long! I never got bored with the greenbelt!

Do you have any advice for getting excited about the same route over and over again? Should I get creative and have fun with my speedwork? I do think Parkour is out of the question because, well, it's just farmland. Not many obstacles to jump or flip over excluding fences (I'm sure everyone owns a gun out here to protect against trespassers ect) and cows.


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