Becoming a Running Coach

I noticed one thing on a lot of running blogs that I read - a lot of runners are certified coaches.

I finally got around to looking into it!

The one that I see the most of is Road Runners Clubs of America.

The second popular certification that I see is the USA Track & Field.

After searching the Google, I see that there are other companies teaching and certifying particular techniques.
I see that there is a Canadian specific Coach Certification - North American Academy for Sport Fitness Professionals 

My main question is do you have a running certification? And if so, which one and what do you do with it? Do you coach others or do you just add value and credibility to your personal running brand? Do you have a running club or want to start one? Are you an Official at events? I am very curious. Should I become certified, too? 


  1. I'm an RRCA coach and yes, I have coaching clients. It entailed an info. packed weekend (with lots of sitting) but very valuable info. a test, and a CPR cert. IMO worthwhile whether or not you plan on coaching others.

    1. Awesome. Thank you for the info. I started looking into getting myself certified too!


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