"Carbonated Beverage" Mile

I just got word about a fun even on Saturday in Twin Falls, Idaho - that looks like it would be a great time AND help a good cause.

I am wavering on doing this since Twin is the closest "big city" to me right now.

Stolen From Here

Cross Fit Magic Valley is having a "Carbonated Beverage" Mile. Running a Mile for Charity!

 Saturday, September 6th @ 1PM

"Carbonated Beverage" Mile

1. Bring $5 and 2 cans/boxes of food
2. "Carbonated Beverage" of your choice
3. Run 4 - 400 Meters
4. Have Fun!!

Everyone Welcome! You don not need to be a member of CrossFit Magic Valley to attend. This is a run to have fun and raise a little for a local charity.

Format is drink-run-drink-run-drink-run-drink-run. A penalty lap is taken for puking. Come out to participate or observe.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call or text: (208) 404-2116

Is anyone in the area going to participate in this? Have you ever ran a "beer" mile or anything like this? Any advice if so?


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