Dealing With Sabotage

I am participating in a DietBet this month. I had a weekend of gluttony, and I am stopping the alcohol for a bit. I am trying to eat a little bit more on the healthy side. BUT going over to the BF's elderly mothers house, well, she did buy a ton of junk food for whatever reason for the BF & I. She knows of our love of fruits and veggies, but today, we were at her house and received part of this below. 

The kiwi were ours so ignore the health. There were 2 things of pringles, slim jims, chips, the Annies type of cheez-its, cheetos, a bottle of juice (sugar water). She attempted some healthy things too, so I guess the jar of coconut oil and Propel waters she included which are not in the picture will counteract the junk?

I'm not trying to look the gift horse in the mouth but none of it was needed, and I am trying to think of this in the best of intentions. But in a way I feel it's sabotage on my plan for health. The BF knows I have no willpower. He walked in and opened the Pringles and set them besides me. Then he opened up the cheetos and started eating them! AHHHHHH!

Just for that I had to go and run 8 miles.

I actually planned on 8 miles today and my pace is wrong but I'm starting to feel the uncomfortableness of running with a brick of junk food in my gut. Hence participating in the DietBet.

How do you deal with someone who you feel is sabotaging your efforts for health and weight loss? I can't exactly avoid everything and moderation only gets so far.


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