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Four THINGS Friday!

I have a few happy things that I want to share with you.

Yeah, I KNOW it's not Friday. Don't ask where my head has been all Wednesday. I'm so excited about these THINGS that since waking on Wednesday morning, despite being told its not Thursday, I have refused to believe all day it's not the weekend. Oh well. Eff it. I'm pretending its FRIDAY on THURSDAY on Wednesday late night. Deal.Kay.

1. I won on my Dietbet. Whew. I tried one over a year ago and kinda gave up. I had motivation on this DB and I WANTED my money back plus some on this one!
I gave up alcohol and some sugars/carbs. And I drank a butt ton of water. I mean a LOT. "They" always say drink if you are hungry, well, I got to the point where I was SO THIRSTY when I was making an effort to drink water, I was taking water with me EVERYWHERE. So, somehow water really does lighten you up.

I celebrated my WIN today with this recipe in this month's Martha Stewart Living. But mostly because I wanted an excuse to buy some Wild Turkey. ;-) I recommend this highly with or without the Wild Turkey.

2. This #javajunkie has (hopefully) attained coffee drinking mecca. I have wanted an automatic coffee machine for YEARS. I couldn't convince the coffee loving ex-bf to buy one for "us." They are crazy expensive BUT they make a cup of coffee - grind, brew, and clean - in a minute. I had the best coffee with one a few years ago and have been on the lookout for one of my own. I had this $1199 Jura-Capresso ENA3 come across my path. I had to Jump on it.

It's been the most expensive "thing" I have bought in, forever? I don't like buying expensive "things" but this, I couldn't say "No." The price was right. I have been frustrated with my coffee pot - 15 minutes for 2 cups of coffee is waaay too long. Pour over coffee takes me almost as long with 4 minutes of wait for the water in the microwave and extra couple of minutes for the bean grind and pour over process. Self - proclaimed coffee snob. I really hope this machine makes me happy in my coffee life. 

3. If you are a Boise local - did you hear the news?!!?

Boise is FINALLY getting their own SPARTAN SPRINT! I have wanted to do a Spartan for a couple of years. NOW I don't have to travel for one. This makes me very happy. And very concerned that I have to start taking my cross training a little more seriously. I'm entering the BF & I for this years race ASAP! From SPARTAN - Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we've had to adjust the event date slightly. Our Boise event will now be 6/13/15 - one week earlier than the originally scheduled date.

PS. Use code RACEBOISE before November 6, 2014 for 20% off this race.

4. I have a mileage contest happening for November. 1st place gets $75 and 2nd gets $50. The BF is all about me winning money. I guess he has a plan for me doing a 200+ mile month. I am excited for getting some miles done and maybe dropping more weight for the holidays, but NOT looking forward to all those miles being done outside. I hate being cold and wet. Ugh. I may have to finally break down and get a Recreation or a YMCA Center membership just to puss out when its cold or too wet/windy out. I've done about 70 miles this MONTH. I hope I can handle doubling that for November! 

Tell me 4 great things about your day? If you are a local, are you going to do the Boise Spartan Sprint? Please say YES ;-)


  1. Four things, huh? I went on a run-awesome, saw a rattlesnake-awesome that it didn't bite me, got back great race photos-awesome and I had a nice glass of wine-incredibly awesome!

  2. Nice coffee machine! Mine is pathetic so I have pot envy. Yay for a local Spartan!

    1. I totally recommend the new coffee pot! I made my first batch of coffee through it today and it so SO Awesome!

  3. That is one gorgeous coffee machine. I'd be treating it like my baby until the day it stops working. haha!

    1. I'm really hoping it won't ever stop working! I have wanted an automatic machine for so long!


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