Halloween Running Skirt Making Tutorial

Saturday I did the Halloween 5K with the BF. He hasn't ran in a race with me this last year since he has been back in my life. He's a biker more then a runner. He did do the mile and half mile in high school cross country and won - once. But I thought that it would be fun to have him run in a race with me. So the Twin Falls Halloween 5K is what I chose.

He didn't dress up for the race Saturday, other then as a "runner." He chose an Immersion Research shirt, Patagonia shorts and Brooks True Grits.

I had to sew up a skirt for my outfit. The BF had a cape laying around and it is the perfect amount of straight fabric to make a skirt.

The full cape.

I hate spiders with a passion so I am more then happy to cut this up.

This is my plans. An angled wrap skirt over black tights or shorts seems to be the easiest sewing plan I can come up with. I bought 2" black elastic and 1/2" sparkle elastic for this because I couldn't choose which one I wanted. I decided to go with the sparkle.

First, deciding how long do I want this skirt? Since my fabric is angled at the bottom, we were just gonna pick a number and go with that. With my hemming skilz, the finished project is always a surprise! - as this one happened to be...

I picked 18" down from the longest point.

Laid it out on my floor, measured 18" from the longest bottom corner. From the top it was 10" so I measured 10" across the top and chopped.

I then measured my waist and divided by half and decided that is my skirt size.

 I folded in the right hand corners so I would have a little flappy side piece. I folded in the bottom corner...

And then I folded in the top corner.

I pinned them together and stitched up just a few inches on the side.

I didn't want to stitch the whole side down because I wanted it open a little bit. I then folded the top seam down and stitched that up. I then straight stitched the sparkle elastic to the top of my skirt.

Since I accidentally sewn it a little too snug in the waist, I don't have to rely on the elastic to hold my skirt up. My stomach roll gets that job for THIS Halloween!

I didn't pin at all here. I just held it in place and stitched it right along the top on the widest straight stitch that I have. Mostly because that is the only stitch I can figure out on the machine. It's a machine older then I am and the settings confuse me.

The finished product.

It's a little tighter then I wanted. But it held up OK during the race! And that is all that matters to me!

Did you race in a Halloween race? What did you wear? Any sewing advice for me?


  1. I didn't do a Halloween race. I love your skirt! You did a great job on it.


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