Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend

I know you HAVE to have seen this commercial.

The BF is obsessed with the song that plays during the commercial.

I have been having to walk his mother's Scotty dog, Gus, who has not had as much exercise as he should be getting.

Chasing a squirrel up a tree.
The dog has been going crazy every time he sees me. He knows that I am the one that runs him and he loves his exercise. We call it Scottie Sprints. He can run at a 6:00 min/mi pace but for short lengths. I had to check on the GPS because we all were panting after doing this a few times!

So the BF has just been teasing me about the dog loving his sprints and this song. Singing this song and telling me how the dog is now my best friend. (we really are not pet people, so its kinda funny) I don't want to make his mom TOO mad about taking away her Dog Mom status. Because the dog is paying a little bit more attention to me then she would like.

What is your favorite Harry Nilsson song? Dude has some hits! Have you ever done "doggie sprints?" How fast can you and your dog sprint? Do you sing the Best Friend song while walking your dog?


  1. I wanted a Westie when we got our Bichons. The Caveman insisted the Bichons would be better with kids. That said, the vet told me they could be trained to run up to 5 miles. One had no interest but the other would run with me, but only made it up to a mile before I had to carry him home. now that they're 14 years old, we're better off walking. Haha!

    1. I don't know how old Gus is but he can do a good for a mile and I'm dragging him back if we go longer. Hes an out of shape little guy!


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