Rim to Rim

I have wanted to do this Rim to Rim race the last few years. Being that Twin Falls - where the race is, is nearly a 2 hour drive from Boise, I never wanted to spring for a hotel or get up early to make the drive race morning. Since fate is different this year, I was able to be in the area when the race is being held!

The BF & I went to scope out the race start the evening before. This area is all new to me!

Blue Lakes really are blue lakes

The canyon
UP the rim!

First male & female to the top wins $100!

Oh, look. A BED at the top of the canyon rim!

A found a dime right about here and carried it in my hand the whole rest of the race

Crossing the canyon Perrine Bridge

The view from the bridge.

BASE Jumpers getting ready to jump

I LOOOVE downhills!

The bridge I just crossed

Why are people walking here? It's safe & I REALLY wanted to run!


Through a mini forest

Back on a small uphill to the finish!

Finish line Noms.
I REALLY enjoyed this race. I think the race to the top was won in 6 minutes or so. Totally fast. The male and female that won the top $100 also won the race also! The BF really wants me to train harder so I can win it next year. We will see, but that is why I signed him up for a race too! If he wants me to win, he can win also! I want to do this race again next year!

The course

My GPS got confused on the Bridge


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