What Are You Doing Saturday?

So, peeps, what are you doing this Saturday? I know that there is a lot going on this weekend. Trust me. I am going to be hella busy from the time I finish this post full on until Sunday!

But Boise area peeps, I need your help!

Since I am a member of Team Beef Idaho, there is a big Team Beef race on Saturday called Race For The Steaks. I know, I know. It is the Day Before the City of Trees marathon which is a super big deal, but trust me, I understand all about that. But Saturday's race is an evening race and there will be a tri-tip steak dinner after!

Saturday, I am going to do the 5K at Race For the Steaks and Sunday, the Half at City of Trees. Neither race is going to be a PR or really that fast. I know I am going to be hurting come the finish of COT. But I am looking forward to this weekend of running!

Race for the Steaks 2014
mmm. meat.

But I Want You To Join Me at Race For the Steaks. I am hosting a giveaway for those who do choose to enter starting now until Saturday.

What am I giving away? Actually, I don't know yet. I'm deciding between a few running related things. So it will be a surprise! And it will be awesome. I can mail it to you or give it to you at Saturdays race!

Register for Race for the Steaks. Please let me know that you have registered by rafflecopter below. If you know anyone who might be interested in running - or even walking - please forward them this post. :-)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Sorry, I'm already signed up. I'm doing the 15K. If I see you, I'll say hello.

    Side story, I actually received a free entry from Team Beef of Idaho (much appreciated). From your suggestion back in January, I believe, I signed up to be part of the team. Unfortunately it was full so they put me on the wait list. They reached out to the 5 or so of us on the wait list with a complimentary entry. Totally awesome of them. And thanks to you too for the information about Team Beef of Idaho.


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