I'm In Love

I have been spending quite a bit of time in Sun Valley this fall. It's an hour drive from where I am living. Since I swear I have seen celebs during every visit there , I feel all fancy and important when I go up there. Please don't ask what a hot mess I was during an Art Walk earlier this summer.

Don't you know who I am? I think I said that up there once or so...
I have even been looking for jobs and houses up there. I really think that I could give up my love for Boise and switch to Sun Valley in a heart beat!

If I move somewhere, it has to be somewhere that has a lot of trails to run on. And Sun Valley has just that! I really am in love with this area!

So many trails!
One visit I made the BF run with me. I packed up a picnic and our running shoes and had to hit their greenbelt type path that is very popular with the bike riders.

I was a very happy girl.
 Trees and the river to the right of me. I didn't go as far as I wanted but I was very happy.

Yeah Trails!

Every outdoor picture I took was pretty much frameable art. This area is so picturesque.

I have my running schedule printed up and I plan on making the drive and doing some long runs on the trails up here these next few months. It's closer then Boise for me right now but such a nice and scenic change from farmland.

How far do you drive for your training runs? I prefer to run from the front door but am willing to drive 10-60 miles away if needed!
Where is your favorite place to run?


  1. That looks fabulous. I'm an out the front door type of girl too. I'm lucky to live in really beautiful area of Northern Illinois. If it's super hot and I need 18+ mile of shaded trails though, I'll drive 15 minutes.

    1. 15 minutes isn't too bad of a drive for a running route!


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