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Thinkin' of Running Really Long...

OK. So last year I did a 50K. Due to the instability of everything in my life since then, I've been so sad I couldn't commit to training to complete another one. Things in my life have been settling down since coming back from Alaska. Nothing is permanent right now, as there should be a move back to Boise again, (and Alaska next summer!) but life has settled for the time being.
Step one for stability - make the BF put a ring on it.

I'm getting kinda itchy to run in another Ultra race. The BF mentions how I need a 100 miler buckle as much as I mention that I need a ring on it. (Bling is important to both of us) Both of which is coming up in convos more often then not... Either way, it is very reassuring that I have someone who wants me to go the ultra distance and believes that it can be done AND will be there fully supporting me on my goal - this feels good! 

The fact that the Javalena Jundred completed a few days ago didn't help. I wanted to be there doing that race too! I was pretty glued to the reports from UltraSportsLive.

Buckles JJ100
I was looking at upcoming races and which would be the best, the soonest and go with whatever training plan I started right about now-ish. I have been thinking about a few Ultra race options for 2015. What I am looking for is closeness to Boise, as flat as possible elevation - and if I am going to get lost on the trail. I want something simple and well marked.

- Even though it is not a 100 miler, it's still an ultra. I do want to redo the 50K I did. I plan on fitting it into my race schedule for 2015! I am pretty sure I would have a much better time then the first go-round. I realized some things that I don't think really worked out and I will be doing some things differently.

- I may have mentioned this race on here before but it's local to Boise and very highly recommended - Pickled Feet 100 Miler. 40 laps on a 2.5 mile loop. I think I could handle this one come March!

- The week before is the popular Buffalo Run in Utah.  I've seen quite a few race reports on the interwebs for this race and it always seems like a good time.

- There is the new Badger Mountain Challenge in Washington. This looks like it a well put together race. Although it is a little more in elevation change then what I want to do, it's on my radar!

I have started researching about training plans. How they won't be much different then what I did for my 50K, a little longer but not super extreme. Well, maybe they are extreme when you are trying to complete so many miles out in the winter weather. My completed 50K training plan is below.

50 miler plan from the UltraLadies site.

And the 100 Miler plan from the UL site.

I'm trying not to look at the 50 miles on Saturday and Sunday!
What I liked about this set up when I did my 50K training was that I always had Mondays and Fridays off. That set up really worked for me with my work schedule. Even though that my work life is different, I think I could make it work for me again. I did like having long run Saturday and semi-long run on Sunday with some mid-week flexibility.

Although I am looking at the weeks to a March Ultra, I would be starting at week 6 on the 100 miler plan. Which looks like a scary jump from what I was running to what I want to run.  I had it in my head that I wanted a 200 mile month and to do that is 50 miles a week, so.... if it really is not a smart move on my part, feel free to say so. I won't be offended and am looking for running advice here too.

I have not found many ultra running training plans online. If you know of one, please let me know! I did find this gem online last year and really started paying attention to it recently. How to train for your first 100 miler.  I thought that this had some really good information.

If you have ran an ultra, what training plan did you go with? What races do you recommend for an ultra N00b? Any favorite ultra running bloggers or websites? I think I have read most of the ultra running books but nothing new this year. Do you have an favorite running books that are new this year? When do you add cross training to your running schedule?


  1. I've never run an ultra before so I have no advice. Other than GOOD LUCK!


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