Giving Homemade Christmas Gifts

One of the best things about the BF's mother (excluding the fact that she bore the BF) is that so KNOWS Photoshop. Her career was in graphic design so she knows things and has access to things that I would never ever be able to know how to do.

My Christmas present to my BFF is Apple Pie infused Bourbon Whiskey. (Thankfully he's too busy to read the blog or be on Instagram....) But I know that he loves Apple Pie Moonshine. Both of us are too cheap to spend the amount of money on the brand name stuff ($30 a Mason Jar!) when you can buy a cheapie big bottle and infuse it ourselves!

I bought some whiskey (the bottom shelf brand!) infused with apples, cinnamon sticks and cloves for 2 weeks or so. Wow, is it ever cinnamony and smooth!

I made a version of this a couple of winter's ago (On this blog post and this recipe) and I don't think it REALLY matters what you use, (It's not like it HAS to have 2 apples cut in a perfect 1/4 slice or just THREE cinnamon sticks...) just that you make it in a clean container with a good lid, keep it dark and cool, shake it every now and then. Its all good.

And you even have some boozy fruit to eat afterwards! MMM, fruit!

The labels the BFs mom made for me!

A personal touch to the label.

Taking a cue from Patron to make a handwritten Limited Batch label

Leftovers with a couple of cinnamon sticks when into here. A gift to me from me!
I guess this bottle was popular when the BF was in college! #nerdcore
The finish products.
The BF and his mom had even more fun coming up with the label (minus the typos! Ooops! :-O) then I did have making the boozy gift. It was fun to be able to work together on something!

Photoshop? Can you use it? I think I can crop and that's about it. Are you making any homemade gifts this Christmas?


  1. lottsa homemade Hanukkah stuffs as gifts this year.
    both so I cam fill with LOVE and as I am...uh...strapped:-)

  2. I love photoshop, use it all the time. Of course, being a freelance photographer, that sort of makes sense LOL. I'm not big on a lot of special effect stuff, but I do edit all of my photos.

    Love the idea for the handmade gift! I plan on doing a lot of that this season as well. I think it means more.


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