Idaho Candy Company Huckleberry Gems

Have you had these before? The Idaho Candy Company Huckleberry Gems?

The BF gets a box of these for every Christmas - FOR LIFE!

The Idaho Candy Company had a contest to design a new candy for them. They have the yummy Idaho Spud Bars and the Cherry Cordials. Yum!

In the contest description it said who the 3 judges would be. The marketing director, the owner and his son (it was a 9 year old kid) I believe. The BF took a page from the old Don Draper, sell to the judges. Thinking that their idea was unique, with the huckleberry, it wasn't... BUT since the BF & his mother had a background in marketing & production. So designed the candy so the company could utilize existing equipment for production. Also, it was Idaho specific, as Idaho is the Gem state - this all appealed to marketing. And a 9 year old kid judge, you know he just wants the candy. Needless to say, the BF gets a box of these for every Christmas for life! Either Idaho Candy Company has to go out of business or the BF has to die.

But now, thankfully we got a new membership at the YMCA that we have been taking advantage of. But the first thing we see when we come back from working out is these soft sweet treats! 

What is your favorite Idaho Candy Company candy? I'm a sucker for the Cherry Cordials! But if I have an Idaho Spud in front of me, I will nom it - along with these Gems - thank you very much!

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