ToiletTree Bamboo Double Hamper Review

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I got word that ToiletTree was looking for people to share their line of ecofriendly bamboo products. Since I help the environment as much as I can by picking up recyclables when I run and try to run or bike my errands as much as possible, I felt that I can hop on board with their products!

I received the Deluxe Bamboo Hamper. I liked the simplicity of the look. The style was clean and unfussy. It can fit in with a wide variety of home decors! The BF likes that it is bamboo (he loves wood furniture) and looks a whole lot better then the mesh baggie system that's made for dorm rooms instead of an adults bedroom.

Nice, huh
I like the two sides to this thing as it makes my life easier when doing laundry - separating the lights and darks! The size is just the right size where I have it in my bedroom!The baggies remove easily to transport the laundry to the washer and to wash if needed. And since my workout clothes are going in there too, I know it's gonna need its own bath in the future!

The lid closes

If you want one too, they are on sale with free shipping on

ToiletTree has a large variety of products available. Grooming, bathroom and travel accessories, and skin care and oral health products. I think that they have a great line of gifts this holiday season, too!

You can find ToiletTree products via their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest

How are you storing your dirty laundry?  Have you visited the ToiletTree website, yet?


  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting this! My boyfriend and I are on the hunt for new hampers so maybe this will fit!

    1. That is awesome to hear Amber! We are enjoying this one instead of the mesh one I've had forever!


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