Newest Running Skirt Making

I made another running skirt for Saturdays St. Patty's Day race in Boise!

The fabric isn't what I really wanted, but it was green, shiny, and at $0.50 a yard!

I wanted it to have the ruffles all around the skirt, but i forgot how to do that, so I actually hand gathered the ruffles on the butt as a last minute panic. 

Things are a little uneven and for some reason, I always make these a little too small. I know what my measurements are but I still get it a little snug. lol

 I'm leaving the bottom edge of the skirt as it is, even though it should be cut it off.

I think it will work good enough for the race on Saturday! 

What are you wearing for your St. Patty's Day race? 


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