Top 3 Signs it’s Time for You to Host a Wine Tasting

The biggest resistance I get from people about hosting a wine tasting for their friends and family in their home is that “it’s too much of a hassle.” People get worried that they’ll have to make their house look perfect, find a sitter and do their hair.
Here’s the truth: nine times out of ten, the people who host wine tastings are gushing and thanking me at the end of the night. Why? Because despite all the worry (which, by the way, was totally unnecessary, because hosting a tasting is actually a cinch) they created an opportunity for people to connect.
And isn’t that what life is all about, anyway?
If you’re on the fence about hosting a tasting in your home, here are three signs that you really need to get off the fence and call me!

Sign #1: You Haven’t Seen Your Friends in a Long… Long… Time


The funny thing about being an adult is that you can go weeks, months or even years without seeing some of your closest friends. Of course, we don’t do this on purpose. Life just happens to get in the way, and family and work takes priority.
Think of that great couple you haven’t spent any time with in a long while, or your fun neighbors you’ve been meaning to get to know better. How great would it feel to reconnect with these people who mean so much to you?
With a wine tasting, there’s no need to worry about being an “entertainer.” I’ll do all that for you. In fact, I even have a process for the wine tasting, so you don’t have to make anything up or fill awkward silences (although, to be honest, when people are drinking wine there’s usually no such thing as an awkward silence!).

Sign #2: Your House is a Mess

Okay, let’s have a moment of honesty: you will have to clean your house to some degree… at least enough for your friends to be able to get from the front door to the kitchen. You will also have to do some dishes, because all that delicious cheese isn’t going to put itself on your mother’s cutting board!
If your house is a mess, you NEED to have a wine tasting! Look at it this way: isn’t it nice to have such a great excuse to clean your house and get everything in working order again? And now there are actually people who will admire and reward you for your hard cleaning work!
After the tasting, you’ll feel better about your home now that you’ve vacuumed a bit and exiled the Tonka Trucks back to the toy chest.

Sign #3: You Can’t Remember the Taste of Good Wine

During a tasting, you’re not going to get a stodgy lecture about tannins and sipping and swirling. We’re way more laid back than that! The idea is to help everyone relax, maximize the social interaction and enjoy our wine.
Speaking of which, when’s the last time you had good wine? I mean really good wine? Our wines are truly top of the line, so much so that we’ve been informally called the “no-headache” wine. You’re going to love sampling some of the best reds and whites available in the States, right in the comfort of your own home!

Do yourself a huge favor and “take the plunge.” You and your friends will be so grateful that you decided to spend an evening together going on a taste adventure. If you’re ready to schedule your tasting, click HERE to set up an event for summer.


  1. I never thought to do this but it sounds fun!

    1. It really is! A WineShop wine tasting is really fun!


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