I've Lost My Running Mojo

In July, I ran a total of 2 races - the Firecraker 5K on July 3rd and the Fit For Life 10K July 11.

I don't think I have ran since the 11th of July.

I can tell you, there was not much running since the end of June, either.

I feel like I've lost the joy of running.

I worked out SO much the last 6 months, the thought of running is just painful and is anxiety causing.

I've gained 20+ pounds back from my all time low of 127 at the end of June.Which has caused me to start a running streak August 1st. Trying to get back into the habit of just running a mile everyday, is proving to be very difficult. I just don't wanna.

Mentally, I'm not in a funk-I'm not depressed. I was a lot more depressed May and June. It feels good to NOT have the stress of HAVING to workout everyday for hours at a time. You have no idea how much lighter I feel to not have the weight of the stress of the Weight Loss Challenge end in sight - and all the IF'S that came with it. If I Win, If I Lose. Since I've won - I have not done ANYTHING with my winnings yet, thanks for asking, but I feel so much more emotionally lighter and calm. It feels good to eat, browse the internet, work on my business, make or go out to a normal dinner - without scanning menus or calorie counting on my phone AND type up blog posts to YOU. To have the fairly leisurely lifestyle that I enjoy is very nice.

I had DNS a 12K trail race this past weekend. I have a half marathon in 2 weeks. (I should drop down to the 5K) And I was thinking of doing the Seattle Marathon this November. I've attempted one mile on my running streak and it was SO HARD. A part of me is ready to get back into the running game because its what I have done since 2011. And because I am gaining weight I worked really hard to get rid of. But I think I need more time to recover from all the stress I was under for 6 months straight because running just is not invoking the same amount of pleasure as it did before.

Walking is nice.

Stretching feels good as all get out.

I will have to renew my gym membership - Can you believe I did not get a free gym membership out of all of this?!? I added a bunch of great new music to my ipod. I may have to take advantage to the Noon-time yoga class when I renew my gym membership this week.

I think I may need a little bit more longer to get back to my love of running.

Any advice other then be patient with myself?


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