10th annual CSI Great Pumpkin Race

I was on the news again.

KMVT News - You can watch me at the 1:24 mark. :-)

I had such a good response to my costume. Everyone loved and and was impressed I carried it on my arm the whole 5K. But man, it was NOT easy to run in. There is more wind in Twin Falls then in Boise, so I really felt the wind resistance drag me down. I actually had to stop and walk a couple of times.

I had quite a bit of fun on Halloween.

People had to walk around me at the race to try and figure out why I had a piece of cardboard. 

Seriously, this was so fun to see peoples reactions. 

Post-race - this happened. $1.24 for a gallon of gas. We had to fill up both vehicles and a couple of gas cans since this isn't an everyday price!

I made a fun dinner. I thought it was cute. I don't think the other half cared. 

And since we live out in the country now, we don't have trick or treaters. Which makes me a little sad. In a way, I am OK with it since I don't have to buy a ton of Halloween candy. And I would be buying something that I would want to eat the whole bag of... But I did treat myself with some Cheetos and split some sparkling wine with the other half.

How was your Halloween?


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