Wine Consultants Gear Up For Fall Selling Season

Wine Consultants Gear Up For Fall Selling Season

The Napa Valley’s premier direct selling wine tasting company is gearing up for the fall selling season in a big way. The Company’s 3,000 plus wine marketing people, called Wine Consultants, are preparing themselves for the largest fall in the company’s history. In September, gross retail sales were up 30%, and the company’s Wine Tasting Samplers continue to fly out the door. The samplers, which contain five bottles of exclusive artisan wines are purchased by the “Host” who then invites his or her friends to a “try before you buy” wine tasting experience, turning living rooms, kitchens, and even backyard patios into wine tasting rooms. According to the company’s President and CEO, Jane Creed, the company is poised and positioned for a record fall with a plentiful inventory of new varietals to satisfy every taste. Says Creed, “The holiday season, from Thanksgiving on through to New Year’s Eve are perfect times for hosting Wine Tasting events. Our Hosts love the unique experience of offering their friends and family a Wine Tasting.” And, she adds, “of course the shopping is fantastic! What’s not to love?”

If you’re interested in hosting a wine tasting at your home, Wine Shop at Home offers an inexpensive and fun way to get your friends together. Laughter, connection and great wine make for a fantastic evening! Shoot me an email at 

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