New Running Stuff For 2016

I got some good news on Tuesday.


I get to run for the Pearl Izumi Champions running team!

I'm still running for Team Beef Idaho, but looks like I'll have to do a few of the races I would have been repping Team Beef at, is going to be for PI now. :-)

I'm pretty excited. I have an awful lot of PI gear. My other half has an awful lot of PI gear. Actually some of my favorite stuff if Izumi.

I can't believe I was actually smiling. The other half is not as fond of running as I was.

At the YMCA Christmas Run in Boise on Dec. 19th I actually wore PI here too. The red long sleeved under my Team Beef shirt and the black tights are Pearl Izumi. I just bought me a pair of PI running shoes for an early X-mas present last month. I have yet to run in them but they are pink, and are awesome.

I have some other partnerships I will be sharing with you in the next month or so. If you are in Idaho, you probably want to make sure you are following me here and on social media. I'm doing things with my running I have never done before. It's all exciting and all good.

Speaking of local, I am thinking about joining in on the Fleet Feet Meridian NoBo Run Training. Is anyone interested in participating with me?

Join Here

Any good running news to share? Are you on the PI Champions Running team? What are you 2016 running plans?


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