Starting Over Is Painful

Starting up this new fitness plan this week has been quite painful.

I was enjoying my 6 months of lazy. However lazy did put me back at square one with my fitness. I just don't have the endurance of what I had a few months ago. Its been hard. I have not had any experience with DOMS in a really long time. The whole going up and down stairs and standing up after a long time sort of DOMS pain.

The pain feels good since I know that I am making fitness progress.

What pain currently doesn't feel good is this whole juice fasting / cleansing deal.

The Island Coconut was SO good. Yes my fridge is in need of cleaning.
I'm a little upset that when I received my order, a day of juice (6 bottles) were frozen and broken the seals on the bottles. The lost some of their very expensive contents. I messaged the company but they want to send me more replacement bottles. No, I would like my day of money back. The cleansing is too painful to continue. I miss the act of eating. I also miss my wine. 3 days of juicing, I had to have some wine. It hit the spot. The newest WineShop Cab was just lovely.

I know, I know. Wine during a cleanse just does not make sense.

Juice and Tea on day 1
I do feel a bit lighter, but I am pretty weak and don't have the energy I need to really go ballz to the wallz working out. I did have to supplement the first couple of days with the recommended egg whites and green veggies. Which really helped. One more day of this cleanse and I'm looking forward to getting into the groove of clean eating again.

I couldn't workout as much or as hard as I wanted but did what I could. I was just too low energy.

Juice cleanse / fast - Have you ever done it? Have you ever had to start over on your fitness due to injury or a much needed break?

What “Wellness” Means To Me? - Starting over on my healthy eating and fitness is part of what "wellness" means to me. #WellnessThatFitsYou
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