Have I Told You The News?

In this past 10 months of being a running sloth, I have some good news to share.

I'm a Fitsok Ambassador!


Not only do I get to rep Pearl Izumi this year as a PI Champion, I get my favorite sock company to love on also!

I believe I was wearing the Fitsok CX3 during this run
When I first discovered Fitsok, I was training for my first 50K in 2013. I did a short little bloggie review of them then. And what is awesome about that bloggie review is that I still am wearing those same sockies today!

3 year old sockies and no I don't bleach
No holes or stretched out elastic or anything. I think that 90% of my socks have been Fitsoks since then, and with training for a second 50K and winning the weight loss challenge in 2015, my socks have gone through quite a few miles. I don't have a big problem with blisters (only with my Hokas I always got a blister on the same spot from the tongue on one toe despite switching shoe models many times.) So, I think that these socks have lasted this long is pretty sweet.

After wearing these socks for the past 3 years, my favorite is the F4 Tech for summer, although I wear the CF2, which are the ones above,  more then any other sock in my sock drawer arsenal. Totes recommend.

What is awesome is that Fitsok is available at your local running store, but they are also available online. You can connect with Fitsok on their website (and sign up for their newsletter for 10% off your next purchase) but they also have Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram too.

Fitsoks- have your tried them? What is your go-to sock brand?


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