This Is Not A Sponsored Post!

I'm actually not doing a sponsored post here. I am going to talk a little bit about something that I talked about around this time last year.

I found about Slap Nutrition last year while searching the Instagram. Its just a supplement company but not like any other supplement company.
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They have products with very simple ingredients, low calories, high nutrition, and they taste really good. I really think that they helped me win my weight loss challenge last year.

From Here
I just recently purchased the Super Slap Food which tastes nothing like the greens that other brands have. I mean, I like a good wheatgrass shot but this is so much more enjoyable.

My Most Recent Order
That pic right there above. I only ordered the Slap Food and the Peanut Butter protein. The President of the company actually threw in some of the travel packets. As you can see in the previous pics, you can totally tell how much I love those.

Anyways, a short little post here. But I do suggest that you follow Slap Nutrition on one of their many social media accounts, or just check out their products.

Do you use protein powders after working out? What other supplements do you take?


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