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Aging and My Mid-Life Crisis

I can't believe that I am now 40. It sounds SO OLD. But I don't feel like I should be THAT old. Its depressing. I think I'm having a harder time accepting this then I did for when I turned 30.

It's scary. To be frank and a little macabre, you have to start planning for end of life stuff. There is a lot I have yet to do with my life. But to be planning old people stuff, its scary.

How much longer am I going to live? How can I do this the healthiest that I possibly can? Should I buy life insurance for my other half and I? How can I increase our retirement savings. (Going on a cruise a couple times a year is not helping with that savings.) At what age should I sign up for AARP?

I had one friend die of Pancreatic cancer this past year. It hit him hard and sadly fast. I had another friend in November pass due to complications with pneumonia and his diabetes. I seen him in the store a week or two before he passed and he was out of it. I googled both their names when I did n…

Wine Gifts for the Newlyweds

Wine Gifts for the Newlyweds

Congratulate the soon-to-be-married couple with a gift that celebrates one of the most joyous occasions of their lives. Incredibly more interesting than a toaster or another registry gift – wine represents something so much more. Whether it’s served on the big day or enjoyed as the newlyweds officially begin their lives together, wine is meant to be shared with the ones you love. As the wedding season kicks off, keep these wedding gift ideas in mind for all the happy brides & grooms in your life!

The couple who cellars together stays together! Give them a gift that will light up their eyes each and every month. Stock the newlyweds’ cellar (and wine fridge) with delicious wines that suit both of their palates. Select a Wine Club Membership gift in 3, 6 or 12-month increments, starting at $104.85. Simply choose a two or four bottle Membership of reds, whites or a mixture of both. See the Wine Club Membership options.

A Case or Half-Case of Personalized Wine with their engagement photo and the wedding date will tug at their heartstrings. Perfect as individual gifts for the bridal party, to serve at the rehearsal dinner, or to send to the couple after their big day, our Personalized Wines are available in Sparkling Wine, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Simply upload a photo of your choice or use a stock image from our extensive library and add a personal message to the newlyweds.

Personalized Double Magnum 

A gift of wine can help set the scene on the big day. Create a label for a Personalized Double Magnum for all the wedding guests to sign as a fun, new take on the wedding guest book. The couple can take it home and pop the cork on their anniversary or save it for another special occasion.

Of course, the happy couple needs something to enjoy their wines with! As they officially set up their home together, they’ll need a beautiful set of stemware and a decanter for when their friends & family come over. We recommend a set of stems for red wines, a set for white wines and a decanter to start them off right.


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