Friday 5 - Favorite Running Songs

I told you I was going to be blogging more on the reg. :-) I have missed it.

Well, I'm going to share with you my Friday 5.

My 5 favorite songs to play while running.

I don't listing to a lot of music on the radio and when I do listen to the radio, its usually NPR. So, if you happen to be easily offended, the music I like isn't "radio friendly" without some editing. :-)

I really love Hypercrush. The other half & I were lucky enough to see them live in concert a while ago and they are so fun.

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Rage and Werk Me are on my list for sure!

I think every gym meathead (no offense peeps, not sure what else to call ya) love Rob Bailey and DLB. I love the colab with The Hustle Standard and every once in a while, I'll dust off this digital album and get super pumped and motivated to go all out.

I really like to listen to most of DJ BL3ND things while running. A lot of the music is good and its mixed well with a good beat. It seems that each song I have on my iTunes is about 10 minutes long but hes got a lot of music out on youtube and soundcloud. I think Low Battery is one of my faves. There is also Fkn Insane mix that is a fave too.

One of my favorite singers is Peaches. Shes so awesome. Shes a little on the naughty side but that is why I like her. Shes doing things that girls are not supposed to do. I love it. One of the best songs I like to run to is Burst. I mean, in the video shes running so she knows whats up.

What are your 5 favorite running and workout songs?


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