iPhone Random Picture Dump Post

I have some pics on my phone, kinda random, kinda running related, to share with you. :-)

 I had this pic on my phone for a long while. Its a cloud in the shape of an F.

A certain Significant Other was being funny.

 If you see this car driving around in Boise, it is NOT ME. I do wonder who out there thinks that though.

 In Nevada, there are still ciggy machines. Something you don't really go and see anymore.

#Idahome <3


I was trying to get my glow on at the night owl run a few weeks ago. I really enjoy running these evening / night races.

I really love Jaker's. If I could eat this every day, I could. Happy hour house Chardonnay, garlic mashed potatoes and garlic shrimp smothered steak. I need a chocolate fountain of that garlic shrimp sauce!

Speaking of things you don't see anymore. A real payphone!

Tell me something random about your week.


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