My Year Long Running Funk

As I kind have eluded to in the last couple of running posts, I have been in a funk. For over a year. Since my weight loss challenge that I won in June of 2015, I just mentally burnt out during that and have not recuperated mentally. I am depressed, I miss running in Boise. And I don't like running in my PoDunk town. There is no trees in the desert. So, no shade and I swear the wind is always blowing providing lots of wind resistance for me. Plus, there are a couple of dogs and lots of cars that want to hunt me down.

I miss that. 

I can't shut my brain off to run and enjoy being outside. It kinda sucks. I don't want to hate running but I hate my running environment.

I have been trying to change my attitude to where I can love running again. I've cut back on alcohol so I can lose weight. Again. As much as I loved doing Wine Shop, it led me down the wineing rabbit hole. So since July 1st, I put the kabosh on that.

I have been trying to drink more water, eat cleaner, and take my daily supplements. Multivitamins, aminos, fish oil, glucosamine, Slap Nutrition super slap food in the morning, post-workout protein, and magnesium before bed.

While I was out of town pretty much all day Saturday for my run, I had my order waiting for me when I got home. I'm kind of a slacker when it comes to supplementation (I hate taking pills ect) and I have been working my leggies pretty hard the last couple of weeks to prep for @race2robiecreek in 2 weeks. Protein shakes are a must post-workout now and when they taste as good as @slapnutrition does, it sure makes it easy for me to actually follow through with it. Oh yeah, the Super Food Greens in my blenderbottle were actually super tasty. No joke. Totes recommend. Thanks @slapnutrition.prez for the bonus packets. They make my life easier when I'm always traveling to races. #NotASponsoredPost #SundayYumday #tasty #SlapNation #slapyourassbackintoshape #slap90days #whey #wheyprotein #preworkout #supplements #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #workout #swag #sweatpink #girlsgonesporty #fitfluential #health #weightloss #weightlosssuccess #instarun #finedining #eat #eatcleantraindirty
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I have been blogging. :-) I think that it really helped in the past and I think it will keep me running and fitness focused more then my daily Instagram posts do. Social media is helpful but I know its kinda superficial as its just one snapshot of your day. You better make it good. :-)

I have such a busy few weeks ahead. I am going on a cruise in September and am looking to buy a house to flip. If I buy a house, the couple of homes I am looking at are fixer-uppers. So I will be spending quite a bit of time and money in and on this home(s). When I do this, I am going to put a treadmill in there. Since I live with my elderly MIL, there isn't any place to put a treadmill (A 5 bedroom home for 3 people and NO Room) so I have to buy a house (basically the cost of a gym membership lol) to put a treaddy in. I am getting excited for this to happen.

I put a ton of miles on this Woodway at the gym. I would drop 5G's to buy one.

So if the treddy plan happens, I will look forward to having a running purpose. A big running goal for 2017 that I can start building some slow mileage up for. Maybe another 50K, maybe a marathon? Maybe a 24 hour run or a 100 miler? I really liked blogging weekly about my training for my first 50K and would like to do something like that again. I don't like this whole 5K deal I've been doing this year. I'm not very good at speed but I like doing long distance. And I have not done any distance since May!

So, that is my current plan to pull myself out of my running funk. Do you have any other tips for when you have lost the running motivation?


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