Reasons Why I Don't Follow You On Social Media

I don't know if this makes me look like an ass or not, but there is a pretty good chance I don't follow you on the social media sites that I try to stay somewhat active on.

I think I have my reasons. I only use Twitter and Instagram and tried Periscope but nah.

The Twittah

I think I was most active on Twitter around 2012-2013. I stopped doing twitter chats as I was never around my computer in the evenings when they happened. Being in my fitness funk I kinda didn't even want to go on to Twitter because it would make me feel bad about not being out there and loving my workouts.

I follow over 500 of you peeps on Twitter and I can't keep up on all of your fabulous blog posts and happenings. I have a personal twitter account where I only follow a handful of people and companies. I can engage with them and read my whole feed during the day. I can't do that with the RunInBoise account.

On Instagram, I follow the least amount of people, but with the hashtagings, its easier to connect with you. I spend more time browsing and looking at everyone's posts and even stalking their blogs. And if you like or comment on my posts, I will gladly do the same. I want to follow more people but I could not keep up with so many people posting so much every day.

I want to connect with you. I can't do that when companies change the analytics to show me what I need to have at the top of my feed. I want to read my whole feed everyday and I can't do that with every awesome one of you added to my account.

Plus, if you don't like or comment on my comment(s) or even on my posts, I generally won't follow you or even click on your posts. I'm kinda shallow that way.

So that's why I don't follow you on social media. How do you decide who you are going to add to a follower on social media?


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