Things I'm Loving / Not Loving

I have some things I would like to share with you. Things that I am loving and not loving.

I'm not loving cardio lately. I don't know if I'm in a running funk (for a year and a half!?) or if its because I'm dehydrated (I've cut my alcohol drinking waaaaay back) or its because I'm  fat (I'm trying to eat 70% clean and move more and joining DietBets.) Or if its just too hot to run at a good pace in the sun. But cardio has just been hard. Not. Loving. It.

I bought this Brooks hat in 2011 or 2012 when I first started becoming more conscience about my running gear. It was never really my favorite hat as it never kept my hair in place. I could never tighten up the back tight enough for it to stay on my head if it got windy or a big truck drove by and delivered a gust of wind. I wore it for the last time this week and had to wash it when a wind gust blew it off my head and into a wet gutter. It needed a bath so I threw it in the washer as I have done many times before. This time, it didn't make it out as it should have. It was a small load of laundry too. The bill ripped off the 2 sides. Oh well. #goodbye

But things that I AM loving - I am loving the new Q5 Fitsoks. I am not joking when I say these are now my favorite socks. The are slightly compressive, slightly padded and come in colors that match all of my current running outfits. I highly recommend you get these at your local running store or online here.

I am being meh about my diet but trying to log in calories most days of the week. I have a lot of protein powders in the house and have been trying to drink a shake post-run. I need to chew my way through some of these so I can buy ones that I want to drink. I want to buy more Slap Nutrition products because they are mix easy and So Good. Since I've cut my drinking down (I'm not wineing like as I was) I know my electrolytes are skewed. Plus a few years ago, there was an Endurance Planet episode about magnesium. So, I finally bought some Slap Magnesium and take it an hour or 2 before bed. I sleep better but I don't know if its really working. But I don't think its hurting. So, I guess I'm loving it.

What have you been loving or not loving lately?


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