Friday Fooey

I has another running related sad. Or really an Oh Fooey this Friday. I was recently notified that Pearl Izumi is no longer going to sell and make running related items. This is SUCH a bummer! I have honestly love PI for many years. One of my favorite wind breakers are from them. I started buying their shoes late last year and have not had any feet or knee problems with them. But now, no more PI running anything. :-(

No more PI :-(
I have gone through a few brands over the years but I think PI has been my top of the list fave.  Brooks, the Pure line I think messed with my achilles
Newton, I don't stride on my forefoot, and awkward for walk breaks
Mizuno, I don't like the narrow toe, my feet are suffocating
Altra, sometimes the toe is too big, my feet are drowning
Hoka, I think permanently messed up my knee.

Head to toe PI here
I have a couple of options.
Stock up now on all of the clearance PI models to last me for the next forever.
Go back to Altra
Or try Karhu. I test ran in a pair before and I liked them but got talked in to the Newtons at my shoe store.

Tank and shoes PI
What do you do when what you love is going away?


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