Week In Review - Week 3 - 100 MILE Training

Yea. This was a bad week. I had all the best intentions to get my workouts done. The slacker in me didn't accomplish much, but I did do lots of 10-12 hours a day at work. Plus the other half and I went to Boise for our teeth cleaning on Thursday. I even packed my running stuff and post workout clothes.


The other half has to have $10,000 of dental work done. 3 cavities and a broken tooth that needs extracted and replaced with an implant. His parents never took him to the dentist as a kid. So as an adult his teeth are prolly the worst out there. With no dental insurance that 10 bones came as quite the shock. Hence the 10 + hours a day for work.

Monday - 
Tuesday -3 miles in the Rock Creek park. The other half was at the junkyard getting parts, basically next door and they locked him in the junkyard! He went to the office from the yard about 10 minute before closing and all the doors and gates were locked. He had to climb the fence to get out. It felt very criminal when he had to do that. It was very concerning. They usually holler at him that its almost closing and they didn't this day.
Wednesday - 
Thursday - 
Friday -
Saturday -
I did run on Saturday. The other half and I drove to a small town a half an hour away to do a 5K. Well it wasn't a 5K but it was for a good cause. We wound up doing about 6 miles that day. I even got sunburnt. Not a good thing! :-( Me and my skincancer can have a nice late summer tan now.

Sunday - 


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