MORE Virtual Runs Available! LEVELUP!

I have not shared with you as often as I should be about the newest LevelUp Virtual Runs. I am SO in love with these medals that they have. They are big and sparkly and really well made. They have really changed my opinion of the whole virtual run deal this year.

I got my newest metal, the Dog Days virtual run. I seriously love this medal!

The next Virtual Run is a Harry Potter themed run. I am not really into the whole Potter-verse as some people but I like the creativity of this medal. The little danglys are cute.

From here

There is the Mighty Thor Run which is pretty exciting.

From here

You can register for the Mighty Thor run here.

And for the girly girls, there is the Run Like A Princess run. I think this may be one of my favorite medals so far! Pink AND sparkly!

From Here
You can register to Run Like A Princess here.

As Virtual Runs go, register on the links above, you set the distance and the time needed to complete it. And you medal gets mailed to you. Its pretty simple and pretty fun.You can also use the code SAVE10 for a discount on your run. :-)

Are you planning on completing any of the above VR with me? Have you done any VR lately?


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