Things I'm Loving / Not Loving

There are a few new things in my life that I'm loving and not loving.

Walden Farms.

Have you guys tried this stuff? I love and not love their products.

The Walden Farms BBQ and all of the salad dressings I love.

I just tried the coleslaw dressing and I really love it. It tastes pretty darn good.

The Walden Farms Alfredo, is a not love. I think it has a funny taste. But the Al Fresco chicken sausage is a win. I think the one below is a spinach parmesan.

 I also didn't care for the WF marshmallow fluff or chocolate dip but the coffee creamers, veggie dips, jelly's, and pancake syrup are all really good.

Oinking out on chips is a love. But not a love because I have to cut down on this junk food crap. :-(

Going in to a bar and asking the bartender to make me whatever he wants. Something tasty and creative. Usually it works. Usually its something NOT on the menu.

Due Dilligence fo sho
Blindly picking something off the menu, although tasty wasn't what I was looking for here and is not a love. I did enjoy my drink. Basically a fancy, herbally Manhattan. But it was the 2nd most expensive drink on the menu. :-(

I am enjoying the cooler weather, although I am dreading the upcoming winter weather. I don't think the transition of seasons takes its time as much as I would like it too. It seems like its cold, then hot. Never nice for a length of time.

What have you been loving / not loving lately?


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