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Eat Smart Products Weight Tracker & BMI Digital Bathroom Scale Product Review

This post is sponsored by Eat Smart Products and no other compensation has been given. 

I have been working my butt off the last 6 weeks. I am right at the end of two local weight loss challenges. One ends on the 14th and one ends on the 21st. I am ready for them to end, but in a way, I am not. I am enjoying the routine and the progress I have been making! I even took progression photos of the last couple of weeks. I was not expecting to share them because, well, they are just not flattering!

Thankfully, my history with Eat Smart products has provided me with another bathroom scale. This has been very well used as I track myself everyday, but only log in my "official" weight once a week. I have also been keeping track of my BMI and I am proud to say that this is down!

I have reviewed a few of the Eat Smart bathroom scales over the years and I think this one is my favorite out of all of them.

This is my favorite scale because it is not clear! I was having issues with a prev…

All Vaycay Pics - Lotsa Pics from LBC & Cruise

After we left off on the previous post, we got up the next morning, hopped on the Deuce to go to Fashion Show to hit Starbucks for coffee and a quick brekky sandwich before checkout. After checkout we went to Long Beach. Let's just say I am NOT a fan of California. I hit the border of CA & NV and I HATE the traffic already. Not a fan Cali, not a fan.

Oh, and most of the pics I took were of food while on the cruise. 

I couldn't zoom in on the secret test car when we left Vegas. I think it was a Nissan.

Birds in Paradise / LBC

THIS Is my Happy Place. I LOVE The sun and the beach.



The next morning in LBC

I was actually thinking of running 2 races while in LBC before the Cruise. There was one the day after we got into town in Huntington Beach but I decided against that because of the drive. I didn't want to drive in Cali traffic.  BUT I did do the Bimbo Global Energy run. It was a short 3K along the beachfront. The 3K was not timed but it was nice to do a race in somewhere not local to me. The swag was something else. We got a bag, hat, towel, LOTS of samples from the vendors. Muscle Milk and CO2 coconut water, plus a ton more. There was a free sandwich at the end but I was in a hurry to walk the  miles back to the hotel to get it. This race was a perfect race morning and a good time all around. I would do it again it I could.

I even MADE the skirt to wear. A beachy skirt for a beachy locale. 

the 3k Start

Our cruise ship and the Queen Mary

The 10K women's first place finished when I did on the right.

Art on the building walking back.

We walked back to the hotel, cleaned up, got things in our car and got ready to board the ship. I booked a suite so we could take advantage of boarding early and the balcony and such. It was worth it to not have a crowd, but I was ready to leave port and sail away as soon as we were on. The balcony was really nice and I never noticed anyone hanging out on theirs. I had my room service croissant and coffee every morning on the balcony and watched the sunrise.

Lunch at Guy's Burger Joint. Only ate here once on the cruise.
waaay too sweet cake balls. Not for me.
The other half was napping, we were tired, but I had a drinkiepoo and watched everything outside on the balcony.

From my balcony in the pic above

The cruise I booked was the 4 day Carnival Imagination from LBC, to Catalina to Ensenada Mexico. I really just wanted to go to Mexico for Viagra, antibiotics and cheap tequila. We had some pesos to spend.  I didn't want to get off the boat for Catalina as I didn't want to ride a golf cart around and look at what? So I sunned myself, read magazines and hopped in the hot tub without the crowd.

Treats waiting for us in our room in the evening.

Off the boat in Mexico.

I couldn't get a pic of the dolphins jumping in the water.

We joked how this could be what Trumps wall would look like.

Someone made a friend unexpectedly.
While in Mexico, it was fun. We did lots of walking and looked around all of the stores before they opened. Getting hassled by all the stores was interesting. I actually felt safe and Ensenada IS SAFE for tourists. They rely on us for their income, so they are not going to do anything bad to us because they need us and our money. So when you think "Traveling to Mexico" just know traveling in Ensenada was safe and not scary. And lots of people know fluent English. We had some Pesos that we have found here and there over the years - 146 peso which was valued at $7.99 US in January when we figured it out. We went into the grocery store and spent almost all of it on a bottle of tequila. We spent 142 of it on a bottle.

Unopened a month after purchase
We were trying to make sure what we got was worth our money. The store manager spoke CLEAR English and asked us if we needed help. We just told him we had this much in pesos to spend and just wanted to make sure we didn't go over or too much under. He was like, oh, ok. And left us to it. When we checked out, just like any other grocery store, we handed her our pesos - which were coins. There were a couple people who came over to watch because I think coins are not as popular anymore? But she gave us our change back and it was all pretty simple.

Way too much time was doing this on the boat

Carnival making digs at Americans in the menu.

The last dinner on the boat was meh. I could not even eat it, it was so bad. I know they don't want to waste but the stir fry was disappointing. The lady at the table next to us asked about it and I said it was meh, ok and she didn't order it. I should not have.

My last boat sunrise back in LBC. I was so sad to leave. I was relaxed and calm. No stress, and no worries at all on this trip - other then Cali traffic. I cried because we had to return home back to the MIL BS that we have to deal with every single day. I need to start a new blog called Seriously considering it....

Anyways, the cutest pics of the other half and I that we didn't buy on the last evening. I thought they were the best out of all the pics we had taken. I have them proudly displayed in our living room. 

Cruise vaycays - have you taken one? What do you think of big city traffic? How do you deal?


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